Anonymous asked: You're looking really healthy for a change. It's really nice to see :D:D

why did you have to ruin this with the “for a change?”

Anonymous asked: Where did you get your tie dyed skirt in the picture of you with your hoop? It's beautiful!

I bought the tie dyed material in Seattle and then a friend made it into the outfit for me when I got home.
It’s actually pants with a split up both sides too.

dragonfly dreams @ subsonic

favourite hooping video ever

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First photo of myself on Tumblr @ Strawberry Fields Festival 2013

My beautiful best friend.


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and here I am hooping in my favourite outfit dressed as a dragonfly. cool.

Taking the world by storm one purple-winged home made costume at a time with my beautiful psytrance butterfly Ally

Anonymous asked: Did you put on weigh whilst you were in America??

Yeah dude, I went to the land of the free upsize, of course I put on weight. Then I lost it. Then I put it back on. Then it still didn’t matter?
Literally the most boring possible question regarding my intercontinental escapades ever, lame.

trip hop forever and ever amen

I went to the states for three months and most things didn’t matter on that side of the equator, tumblr not least of all. I kept a travel diary because why go to another country if not to throw yourself off inhibition and shake shit up, but there’s no way in hell I want some guy I fucked in high school or some girl I work with reading about it, so my experiences stayed confined in black fine point pen and A5 covers. maybe I’ll transfer some of it here or maybe not but regardless, apparently I’ve decided that keeping some pseudo connection with those aforementioned acquaintances via too much information and photos of me naked is appropriate in australia, so I’m back on tumblr for now. 

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